Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"My greatest regret, during my time on IndieTalk, has been my failure to get a community project off the ground." ~ Nick Hilton

And so begins a worldwide independent filmmaker driven short film project which started as the "IT Community Project" and has since evolved into Global Movie XP 2014.

Just posing such an idea sparked a great deal of interest among fellow IndieTalk.com members, especially when given some thoughtful low hurdles to consider:
"I will ensure that no member has more than a maximum of two days shooting (though generally will try and keep it to what can be done in a single day). If you cannot record decent quality sound, I will give you no dialogue to shoot. Everything will be kept as simple as possible (within the constraints of a very tricky project!) so that we have the maximum chance of success."
With over four-hundred posts and seven-thousand views within a month there are now a half-dozen unit directors and another half-dozen pre&post production crew members from around the world volunteering to contribute to the Global Movie XP 2014 short film.

The as yet unnamed short film has a target release date of October first, 2014.

Additionally, every cast and crew participant will be:

  1. Eligible for on-screen credit
  2. IMDB listed
  3. Encouraged to submit the final film to their local and regional film festivals

Independent filmmaking is a challenging industry as multiple professionals and enthusiasts alike coordinate limited cast and crew talent, location, equipment, and budget resources during lengthy production processes until finally a film is completed.

While the first group is busy the second and third groups wait.
The first group passes work to the second group, they get busy while the first and third groups wait.
Then the fantastically patient third group rushes to assemble the work from the first two groups who now wait.
Finally, the entire cast & crew gets involved to find homes for the short film at our local and regional film festivals, at which point EVERYONE IS BUSY!

It's a fun biz.
Please, come and watch us build this little beast.

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  1. Hey, this is a nice looking place you got over here.

    What genre is this short film going to be I wonder?